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JRC 5784 Guest High Holiday Ticket Form


JRC Guest High Holiday Tickets

Whether you are a JRC member, friend, or family, or if you are looking for a spiritual community that feels like home, we welcome you to spend these High Holidays with our wonderful congregation!

Use this form to order Guest High Holiday tickets. View JRC's Full High Holidays 5784 Schedule to see which services and events require tickets. 

A note to current JRC members: your children that are 26 and younger are included with your membership. You do not need to purchase guest tickets for them. 

JRC uses name tags as our High Holiday tickets. This allows us to greet each other by name and also acts as a security measure. Due to the proximity to Shabbat and Yom Kippur, we will not be able to print name tags for forms submitted after September 21 but we will add you to our list. When you arrive at the First United Methodist Church for our service, please check in at the greeter table then we will ask that you create a name tag for yourself. Thank you!

Guests who purchase tickets and join JRC before December 1, 2023, will receive full credit for the cost of their individual tickets toward membership fees.

If you need an accommodation to fully participate, please contact Micky Baer at

This form may be completed by EITHER a JRC member purchasing tickets for friends and family or by guests themselves. Please enter the name and email of the person filling out this form below. If you are a JRC member, be sure to log in.

Let us know who will be attending JRC's High Holidays as a guest:

Please provide the names of guests who are infants through high school students
Please provide the names and ages of guests who are in college
Please provide name and contact information for guests who are between 18 and 35
Please provide name and contact information for guests of members who are 36 or older
Please provide name and contact information for guests of non members who are 36 or older

High Holiday Donation

Contributing tzedakah in honor of the High Holidays is a beautiful way to support the JRC community. 

High Holiday Prayer Books

There will be a limited number of High Holiday Prayer Books to borrow at JRC. Typically, members will bring their own. If you would like to order your own Prayer Book, Mahzor Leyamim Nora'im, you may do so here

Sun, July 21 2024 15 Tammuz 5784